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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Works In Progress

I have too many WIPs (Works In Progress).  Too  many projects going on.  I am determined to get something completed soon, because I have more ideas and desires that need to get done, I'm running out of time!  I just realized that one of my WIPs, for my pregnant niece, is running slap out of time!  So I think I'll pull that back out today.  This is the completed newborn hat, there will be a matching little jacket, and a matching block-blanket, each square as the owl on it, and although the hat and jacket are only blue, the blanket will alternate blue/white squares.  To speed it up, I'm debating making the white squares plain and simple, no owl.
Patterns at Ravelry
Using Berocco DK Baby something

I also want to make various baby booties for her little baby girl, and have lots of patterns for that.  Maybe some cute character hats, there are so many patterns for that at Ravelry, too.

I'm also making headwarmers as I get orders for them:

These are very popular right now, especially in Southern states where you see people wearing hats, but not like you would up North where it's so much colder.  These are cute and stylish and keep your ears warm.  I sell them to my daughters' friends and through my Etsy shop.
Pattern at Ravelry
Using LionBrand Vanna's Choice yarns.

I also occasionally work on my daughter's afghan that I started before getting involved at Ravelry.  She moans that "Mom will crochet everything for everyone but will never finish MY blanket!".   Well, it's a very very big blanket!  Each strip has to be 6' long, because she's 5'9" and insists on 2 things:  It be long enough and wide to wrap her up like a burrito, and not full of holes.  She hates drafts.  So you're talking about a monster yarn-eater.  Each strip is a different stitch, and I will probably join each strip using the flat braid technique, or if that's too "holey" then add a couple SS rows going up each long side, then joining with a tighter and more solid stitch.  #Depressing thought ... I just picked this back up after a couple of months, and I really thought I had done more than 2 strips.  Sigh.  One strip takes a lot of hours to finish.   Trying to think of ways to actually speed up, like maybe making solid-granny squares, joining them together into one long strip, and letting that be one of the strips.  Might be kinda cool using that as the center strip, huh?  #wait I found another strip, so I've completed 3, working on the 4th.  I feel like I'm still missing one though, I thought I had done one in single stitch and one in DS, plus the shell, the bobble, and half-shell that I'm working on now.  Hmmmm.  Did I really do that single stitch?  Or not?

And then last but not least, MY afghan.  This afghan is so special to me, all these blocks were made by 10 other ladies in a swap over at VCFC.  This is Froggy 9" swap, finished in October '12.   I have plans for this blanket, and when I'm done, it will always and forever be mine.  Any swaps I make in the future I might give to someone else, but THIS blanket will be mine.  I will update on this later, when I actually get started on joining these blocks.  With the above projects and plans, sadly, it might be a while.

These are the blocks made by the other 10 ladies (laid out on my rug).  I plan on adding 4 more blocks to make it a little longer, then what goes between those rows, well.  Just stay tuned.  In a few months. When I have time to get to it.  I really think it's going to be very special.

So.  Enough WIPS?  No?  Did I mention the occasional comfortghan squares I do for the VCFC?  I have 2 I haven't done ... 2 I have done that are ready for the post office. 

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