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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby K

I got to see my precious niece Friday on our way home from Branson, she's so tiny and her baby bump is adorable!   She'll be delivering at end of December/first of January, so I'm working hard to finish the set I started.  I'm almost finished with the blanket, as you can see below, I still have the border to finish up.  And I have the hat, which I've mentioned before, both are done using an owl pattern.  I still have dress and booties to make which will be plain, no owls.  The yarn is a lovely shade of peacock blue called Agean Sea.  All items will be solid blue except the blanket, to which I added white.  The dress is actually a dress/jacket, so Baby K will wear white under it, white tights, white bloomers, white onsey.  In my mind's eye, this baby will be very striking and beautiful in this outfit!  Now to merge "mind's eye" with reality, and get it finished!

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  1. I like the blanket and h at . . so bright and cheery, but not baby-looking. Never like baby stuff to look baby-ish . . no idea why?