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Friday, October 26, 2012

ValsVale etsy shop

I have created my Etsy shop!  How exciting!  Pictured below are the first items I'm uploading, though not the only items I have ready to go.  I just have a few minor things to finish up on some other hats, like pompoms or football stripes or buttons, then I will upload those as well.

Each item pictured will be available custom-made.  Order as is, or in your preferred colors.  I'm giving myself extra time for delivery on each item, but shouldn't need that much time at all in most cases, only if Life interrupts Crochet, or if I get behind on orders for any reason at all.

For the months of October, November, and December 2012, I will be forwarding a full 75% of proceeds to Missions!  So order up! 

I'm quite excited that I can finally open my own little shop doing something I absolutely NEED to do .... this is where I find some much needed peace in my mind.

Here are the first 3 items I have listed in my Etsy Shop:

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