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Friday, November 30, 2012

Prayers for my child

My 19 year-old daughter asked me to fast and pray with her all day today.  She needs direction for college, and is struggling with advisors not communicating back with her.  She has laid a "fleece" out for the Lord.  She knows that her current desires are not necessarily what would be best for her in the long run, and she knows that the "I Am" sees the whole picture, we just see what's in front of us.

So, today I pour my heart and soul into my eldest daughter's choices, that they be made in God's will, not my or her dad's will.  I know what she really wants.  She would really like to drop out of college (she's completed 1 year now of core studies), pick up her dog training course, which is mostly done on-line and some in person ... with a dog of course ...

Here's the problem.  Jason digs his  heels in and becomes extremely unhappy at the thought of any dog larger than Solomon, my whippet.   But we're going to B.A.R.K., our local no-kill shelter to find a dog today for Micaela.  I had promised that after Gracie died, which was a little over a month ago, that Micaela could have her own dog.  Actually, I promised that we'd get another dog, and Dara really wants Mic to have her own velcro-dog.  Solomon loves everyone, but he's MINE all the way.  The girls both want a dog that would recognize them as being their "mom". 

Today we're going to BARK to find Mic a dog.  But Dara needs a dog of her own for training.  BARK ends up with a lot of mixbreed mutts, pitts, and boxers.  The only smaller than Solly that they'll have will be terriers (I hate terriers, really I do) or inbred beagles or something.  Although I'm really not looking forward to the costs of food and vet, I really think they'd both be much happier with something like a boxer.

As long as they can train dogs to be polite to both people and my Solly ... but Jason.  Jason just puts a stop to everything.  His favorite word to the girls has always been "no".  My philosophy has always been more of "what the girls need", not what "I" want or don't like.  But he's putting his foot down about a larger dog, and he's telling Dara "no", she can't have a third dog in this house ... and I just don't understand that!  Yeah, it'll be more crowded, but she does need a dog for her future career as a dog disability trainer!  He'll send her to college to further her skills but not let her bring it home?

I must put my own feelings to the side though.  What I must do is seek God's face, God's opinion, and God's will.  Not my will.  And I can only PRAY that Jason will do the same. 

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