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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Red boots

A girl just needs a pair of red boots.  I myself haven't had a pair of shoes that weren't black or brown in quite a long time, I'd love something with a little color but end up being practical every time.  I'd rather spend my money on others anyway ... unless we're talking yarn.  But shhhh on that little expense.

So.  When Micaela was in her accident, one of her injuries was the bony processes of her L-spine were chipped (lower back, just the edge of the bones were chipped off).  We're not complaining, because in reality she should have been smeared like a bug.  At the very least severed in half by the car door.  So, we don't complain, but it really does hurt to sit upright very long.

So.  Today for the very first time we got out of the house.  Micaela and I.  I loaded up her into her knee brace, some regular flat shoes (her right foot has foot drop and should be in a boot, but the shoes do keep her foot flat, so it's okay), got her all the way outside to the car.  Then awkardly but successfully picked her up and over into the back seat of my Town Car.  Then after a lot of huffing and puffing and pushing and shoving got the wheelchair into the trunk along with the detachable foot thingies.

We drove to the Mall, to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and found a nice tailbone cushion and a nice back mesh thingy to help keep your posture.  I picked Mic up and the saleslady put the cushion down, Mic could instantly feel the difference.  Then she dropped the posture mesh thing behind her and Mic was instantly sitting up because of it instead of slumped over.  She can now sit up more comfortably, with better posture, without tiring out so quickly.

So we bought it.  She was feeling downright frisky now, so we walked out into the mall, strolled for a little while, came upon a large shoe store.  I wheeled her in thinking about finding her some more flats since she will definitely NOT be wearing heels anymore unless until her footdrop heals itself, and instead found a wonderful cute pair of bright red boots.

And a girl just needs a pair of bright red boots.  And yes.  I bought them for my girl.

Family Weekend: Here.  We.  Come.   !!!!!!!!

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