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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two Months Thankful


I'm thankful for my husband, who during these 2 months has been more helpful and involved than ever before. I couldn't have made it without him.

I'm thankful for Dara. She and I think a lot alike, so when she helps clean up and put away, I haven't lost anything and spend more time looking for it. She's strong, willing, loves me, her dad, adores her little sister, and her little sister loves and trusts her. I really really could not have made it these 2 months without her, even with all the junk she's been dealing with since school started. With her recent change in medicine, everything's looking better for her.

I'm thankful for Micaela. I can't expound on this now, I'm still not ready.

I'm thankful for my God, my Help, my Healer. And I'm so very thankful for so many who have been daily praying for me and my family. Tuesday I came home to get the house ready for Micaela's homecoming. As I was doing something so mundane and unthinking as sweeping the floor, I suddenly felt the presence of God and angels sweep massively and impressively into my home. I dropped the broom and began weeping in His palpable presence. I know that prayer sent that to this home in preparation for Micaela's entrace, that coming home would be the hardest part of this recovery yet as Mic found that she is not nearly as strong as she thought. But even in her moments of greatest frustration and fear ... she is never alone. Each one of us are surrounded by God, angels, love, prayers, friends, family.

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