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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finished And Starting

So, I finished the little boy's beard.  I got to use it in Sunday School, I was teaching on Abraham, and I took the little kid that wasn't real happy about being there (gotta wonder why he gets up and gets on the bus if he really DOESN'T like it, huh, I think he's just trying for attention, myself) ... anyway, I pulled him up to the front and stuck this beard on him, and a little piece of brown material around him like a cloth around the neck, you know, Bible days sort of stuff.  No full robe for him, just the beard and scarf.  Of course we had fun with it, how to tie the bow .... hey, he was CUTE!

Anyway, here's the beard:

Dara's friend Courtney is expecting a baby.  So I found this on Annie's Attic, and she adores the bear.  I've never made anything like this, so here we go!

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