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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Yesterday morning I got up early to go on my walk and got totally creeped out - still dark, all alone, crime's been going up all over - so we turned around and came back home.

This morning I got up early, logged in and got some work done, grabbed the leash and the keys and Solly and I went to Beuhlow Park's nature trail. Aside from a few spider webs I walked through (which was actually a good cardiac workout-jumping around, yelling, flapping arms), that trail kicked my butt. Trying to get back in shape? hit a nature trail. The ups, downs, curves, they work all the muscles in your legs and butt. 1 mile there in the morning heat (85 degrees!) is a far more vigorous workout than 1 mile flat neighborhood concrete. I managed 2 miles before the dog and I both dragged back to the car.

I'm going to try to drive over there 1-2 times a week. 

When I got up early this morning, the first thing I did was finish a granny square I had started.  These pictures really are not showing the beauty of these squares.  Once I get them all spritzed and pinned out to dry so they're straight, I'll have Jason take good pictures of them so I can put them in my project section at   This is the Peppermint Popcorn, done in Vanna's Choice colors espresso and seaspray mist.  The color contrast and texture is very dramatic!

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