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Monday, June 18, 2012

Update on afghan(s)

I'm still working on Dara's red afghan.  Sadly I've only gotten one more panel done.  It wouldn't take so loooong if she weren't so tall and very vocal in insisting it be long enough to cover her from her neck to around the feet, and wide enough to wrap around her.   It's going to be nearly as big as a twin bed bedspread I think.  Sigh.  I'm really thinking I need to start working on some granny squares on the side or something for a break from the red.  And I found just the fun squares, next post I'll show them. It's from a group on

That said, someday I think I might make this.  Is this not beautiful?  Quite formal, and shouldn't be in a living room where dogs that shed think all blankies are theirs for the snuggling. I did snag this photo from her website and upload to my blog server, and am using it solely for showing its beauty and linking straight to it.  She had some other really pretty ones, especially under her "oldies but goodies" link.

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