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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting Over Me

I've been thinking long and hard, and I have finally figured out what my problem is.


If I have few friends, I have only myself to blame for a frowny face nobody wants to be around.  If my clothes are tight and lumpy, I have only myself to blame for not watching my intake and exercise.  If I'm having marital issues due to lack of communication, like, and understanding, I have only myself to blame for not properly training my husband to talk to me, show how he likes me, and how to understand his wife.  If I am unhappy with my position in my church, I have only myself to blame for having an incorrect attitude about how God's work goes forward and I sit at home on my fat butt.  If I feel disconnected during worship service, and continuously ask only for the crumbs off the children's table, I have only myself to blame for not stepping out and getting what He is offering me.

And boy oh boy, have I been blaming myself.  and blaming myself.  and blaming myself. It's enough to make a grown girl cry.  All the time.  Family's getting a little tired of it, frankly.

My issue is me.  My attitude.  My constant desire to be someone other than myself.

I'm not a bad person.  I may not be the cheeriest and most likeable ... no, I'm going to stop thinking that way.  Extremely TIRED of crying and whining and being me.  I'm so ready for a new me.  The only way to get a new me is to MAKE a new me.  I'm going to start with praise.  I have much to praise and thank Him for.  And I'm going to slide from praise right on into worship.

Praise is physical action - singing, clapping, waving my hands.
Worship is much deeper.  Giving God Me.

And so I will get over me. By giving me away.  It's time.


  1. Hi Valerie- I found your blog through the I Blog Group on Ravelry. Your post here really resonated with me. I work in the church as well and know how challenging it can be. Crafting and blogging have been a wonderful "outlet" for me. I'd like to add your blog to my reader and will check back for progress on your beautiful red afghan. Peace- Lynn

  2. And it takes time so give yourself some grace where that is concerned also. Thank God for His presence, His love and His grace that allows His ministry to bring us to the type of realisations and recommitment you've expressed.

    He's really wonderful.