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Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a new day

I've been progressively gaining weight for years.  And since I started working at home Jan 1st (3 months) I've put on at least another 5 pounds.

Height = 5'4"
weight = 209 pounds
BMI = gasp

A lot of people I know have started this product called AdvoCare.  One of my very good friends has lost 65 pounds, in a HEALTHY  manner, since Christmas!  I say healthy because the product advocates healthy eating and supplements as well as weight loss products.

So I ordered the 24-day challenge.  Today is Day 1.  First, the Herbal Cleanse system - a drink in the morning and a supplement in the evening.   Later you add a meal replacement shake (for only one meal a day), plus probiotics and, again, supplements.
Throughout you can take the energy, brain-focusing drink called Spark.  I haven't tried that just yet, I AM drinking my morning coffee.  Just one cup though.

On this program I'll immediately start feeling better, more energetic, more focused, more willing to get out and exercise this lard off.  I just want to be slim and pretty again.  I'm 44, and if I don't get this under control now, I'm really going to be in trouble with joints (my back already hurts due to previous surgery on a herniated disk at L5-S1), cholesterol (already creeping up), blood pressure (higher than it's ever been before) ......... Time to take care of me.

I"m going to post before/after pictures too.  Later ;)

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