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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tea? or Coffee?

I got a Keurig for Christmas, well, not a Keurig, it's a CuisinArt, but it's a k-cup coffee pot.  Looooovvve!  My favorite 2 coffee flavors are Green Mountain's French Vanilla, and Folgers' Vanilla Biscotti.   I do like Vanilla.

Today I got my loose tea coffee thingy in.  Brewer.  Steeper, whatever.  It steeps one cup at a time.  I got different flavors, like Raspberry, Vanilla, Peppermint, Spearmint, Coconut.  So, I made me a cup of Coconut.  Holy moly, yummyummyumm!  Friend Bethany loves the coconut.  Dara made the vanilla, it just wasn't so good.  So she threw it out and made the Spearmint.  Her words concerning the Spearmint included "divine".  She tried my coconut and it hit her gag reflex.

If you haven't tried loose tea, you really should!  The brewer I got + a 4-pack of samplers, $25.  Visit Adagio!  (disclaimer: This ad is strictly based on my taste buds, I unfortunately get no kickback from any sales made at Adagio.  And that's a shame, really.)

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