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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

He's always there

This is an afghan I'm making for myself in long vertical panels, using Caron Simply Soft, color Autumn Red.  
Very soft, and a pretty rich red color.  The panel pictured here is the blackberry stitch, and I really think this iPhone picture cannot do it justice. Between the 2 pics, the red looks totally different.  I need to start using my nifty little Olympus camera, but gotta get a card for it first.
Here's a picture of the book from where I'm getting my stitches, along with the 2 panels I'm working on so far:

THOUGHTS:    This morning I read on, Monday's reading, Isaiah 46:3-13.  This link takes you to the NKJV, and it is very interesting to read it in various translations.   I've carried you all your life, I carry you now, and I will carry you in your old age.  I can't tell you how badly I needed that passage this morning, I've really been through a very rough time lately.  And frankly it all boils down to my daily choices: what did I choose to say, how did I choose to react, do I choose to start and end my day with my Lord.  I tend to say and do the wrong thing constantly, and it's very tiring, actually.  No wonder I've felt beat up and beat down!

Bottom line is this:  There were 2 trees in the Garden of Eden.  One was made for immortality, one was made as a test of obedience.  Mankind naturally chooses the wrong tree.  And every morning, we're faced with choices. Which tree will you choose this morning?

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